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Homes for a Changing Climate: Passive Houses in the U.S.

Katrin Klingenberg, Mike Kernagis, and Mary James

2008. 100 pages, 8"w x 6"h

Soaring energy costs and a changing climate are driving up demand for energy-efficient, healthy, and durable homes. How can a home builder meet this demand? How can a home buyer be guaranteed that a home will deliver dramatically lower energy costs and carbon emissions? Passive Houses are affordable, comfortable homes that meet the world's most rigorous standard for energy-efficient construction. Far more than a checklist of green building options, Passive House design is a state-of-the-art, systematic approach to super-efficient construction that reduces space heating and cooling loads by an amazing 90% compared to conventionally constructed homes. Developed in Germany, the Passive House standard has been put to the test in thousands of homes across Europe.

Homes for a Changing Climate examines nine pioneering U.S. projects, from coast to coast and from a wide range of climates. An introductory chapter explores Passive House principles and its integrated design approach to such vital elements as insulation, airtightness, and mechanical ventilation. The featured homes showcase the innovative approaches of the architects, designers, and builders who are building Passive Houses that meet the demands of a variety of climates. While accessible to the layperson, Homes for a Changing Climate also provides project data and specifications that will be of great interest to architects, home builders, and building scientists.

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Mary James is the editor and publisher at Low Carbon Productions and was previously the editor and publisher of Home Energy magazine for ten years.

Katrin Klingenberg is executive director and lead designer at e-co lab, a nonprofit community housing development organization.

Mike Kernagis is construction manager and builder at e-co lab, as well as cofounder of the Passive House Institute United States (PHIUS).

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