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Building Analyst Field Training DVD

New DVD Product!

Building Analyst Field Training: How to Perform a Home Energy Audit

This 90 minute DVD takes you through a complete home energy audit and covers all the material you need to study to pass the Building Performance Institute (BPI) Building Analyst and Envelope Professional field exams. It comes with a detailed Data Collection Form which you can use during your actual BPI field exam.

The DVD covers all the equipment set-up and testing procedures, and is organized in sub-chapters so you can easily select the content you need to spend additional time reviewing. It was produced by Asa Foss and is narrated by Asa and Glenn Dickey, who both have extensive field and training experience.

Price: $99.95 (plus shipping and handling)

Purchase the DVD at Building Science Tech.

Details: This video training is targeted for people who want to become home energy auditors. It is perfect for those who have taken an online or in-person building science course and need an in-depth review of the diagnostics tests covered in the BPI Building Analyst or Envelope field examinations. Watch this video prior to taking the BPI written examination for a visual demonstration of the core concepts of the exam.

Additional Support Materials Included:

  • Data Collection Form follows along with the video and details step by step how to set-up and perform each diagnostic test, space to record appropriate observations, and guidance on necessary calculations. It includes color images and action levels, and it can be used during your BPI field exam.
  • BPI Field Testing Guides, which are the actual forms your BPI exam proctor will use to grade your Building Analyst and Envelope field exams.
  • Technical Resources Guide with links and information mentioned throughout the training video to find region specific recommendations and best practices.

This training shows residential energy professionals what is included in an energy audit, where energy efficiency problems arise in existing homes, and building science and energy efficiency best practices. It's good practice for energy auditors who are taking on their first client or those who want to brush up on skills. It's also great for architects, builders or realtors to gain a new technical understanding of how to improve the efficiency of existing homes.

This video training qualifies you for 1.5 BPI CEU's!

"The video does include lots of tips and tricks that you probably won't learn in a classroom. This is the kind of information you learn only through trial and error and experimentation out in the field. The video is a bit like private field mentoring without the field. The bonus is that you can watch it repeatedly until the details sink in—something that definitely helps a slow learner like me. Plus the narrators present the material in a very approachable, comfortable fashion, with some humor thrown in, too."

--from Steve Mann's review in Home Energy magazine.

Purchase the DVD at Building Science Tech.

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