3 People, 2 Cats, 1 Tiny Home

Posted by Macie Melendez on September 23, 2016
3 People, 2 Cats, 1 Tiny Home
Macie Melendez (that's me!) in front of the #TinyLab in Laguna Hills, CA.

I always find tiny homes to be very charming, and Corbett and Grace Lunsford’s was no exception.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to see the Lunsfords—along with their 7-month-old daughter and their two cats—as they gave tours of their tiny home on wheels. The Lunsfords are on their Proof is Possible US Tour, a 20-city tour that’s been taking place since April, where the couple travels in their high-performance tiny house called the #TinyLab. Their mission is simple: to revolutionize the home market by teaching consumers and contractors alike to use scientific testing to prove the work gets done to quality standards. 

Yesterday was a “bonus day” on their tour that took place in Laguna Hills, California at the California Association of Realtors. As I’ve written about before, the relationship between realtors and home performance is one that makes a great deal of sense, so this pairing was exciting to me.

The Tour

The first order of business was my tour of the #TinyLab. Grace showed a group of six of us around her home, baby in her arms, and the cats going about their lives (one was even napping on the bed) while she shared details of their formaldehyde-free wood, their Mitsubishi ductless mini-split, their air sealing measures, and the sensors in the home that let the family know if anything needs adjusting.

The Tiny Lab definitely fits into the phrase “sealed tight, ventilated right,” a fact that’s apparent the minute the door shuts behind you. The home is quiet, comfortable, and smells like fresh air.

Here are their consumption details:

The Workshop

At this stop on their tour, Corbett was also giving a two-hour workshop to realtors about ways that they can work with contractors and homebuyers to get a better product.

He started by telling the group that they would walk away with the ability to give their clients more information so that they could make a better buying decision. In other words, proof is possible (!), but we need to learn to ask for it.

I wasn’t able to stay for the entire workshop, but as I left he had the room repeating the mantra, “The house is a system, the house is a system."

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