CMC Energy Services to Rebrand Northeast Locations

Posted by Cathy Donovan on April 06, 2017

CMC Energy Services (CMC), a pioneer in the energy conservation industry since 1977 and a certified Women’s Business Enterprise, announces the rebranding of its Competitive Resources (CRI) offices in Connecticut and Massachusetts as CMC.

CMC acquired the Yalesville, Conn.-based CRI in 2015 and had been doing business as CRI since. CMC’s Connecticut location, managed by Joseph Roy, delivers the Home Energy Solutions Program (HES), which has lowered the bills and made homes more comfortable for nearly 30,000 residential and multifamily customers in the last few years alone. CMC’s Massachusetts location, managed by Blake Cole, performs more than 20,000 quality assurance inspections per year for audits and weatherization work for single-family and multifamily residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

As of April 1, 2017, the new CMC-Northeast and its 75 employees will wear updated uniforms and drive a van fleet rebranded with a new CMC design. CMC Home Energy Solutions customers will be directed to a new website,, and social media platforms.

“While we’ve already felt part of the corporate family these past two years, this rebrand makes it real. We are proud to be part of an important milestone in CMC company history,” says Roy.

Based in the country’s most energy-efficient state, Massachusetts, Blake Cole is equally optimistic for the CMC rebrand. “Customers and utility industry leaders throughout the Northeast will continue to turn to us for practical innovation and excellent service in a cost-effective manner that we are proud to deliver now as CMC Energy Services,” says Cole.

CMC provides more than 25,000 energy audits in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Its call center handles approximately 400,000 calls annually. To date, CMC has worked closely with major utilities and government agencies across the United States to provide energy audits to more than 350,000 residences and 50,000 commercial buildings. It employs more than 200 people, administering energy-efficiency programs in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. CMC Energy’s client list includes PECO, an Exelon company; PGW; PSEG NJ and Long Island; NJ Natural Gas; and First Energy.

“As CMC grows our capacity to better serve our clients across the country, we are also steadfast in preserving our highly collaborative and highly innovative culture,” says Director of Operations Leila Banihani. “This rebrand is proof of our strong first step into a wider-reaching and further-serving CMC.”


Cathy Donovan is the Marketing and Communications Manager for CMC Energy Services.

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