Financing Energy Retrofits & Solar Without PACE

Posted by California Building Performance Contractors Association on August 02, 2010
Financing Energy Retrofits & Solar Without PACE

Free webinar series Starts Monday!  

There are many financing options available for energy retrofits and solar installations today without PACE.  
The cash incentives from the utilities will encourage homeowners to seek out contractors.  But you’ll miss out on lots of sales if your clients don’t know how to find financing with affordable payments.  

Help your customer understand their choices and costs for the many types of loan programs available today by attending this free Webinar series.
This webinar series will be lead by Rick Williams, an energy efficiency financing specialist with EcoEnergyLoan.  He has provided many EE loans over the years and will share his experience and network of lenders with you in this interactive webinar.  Sign up via the GoToWebinar links below.  We look forward to your participation.

Webinar 1 – Financing Energy Retrofit Overview Monday, Aug. 2nd, 1- 2PM
Click here to Register for Webinar 1
• Importance of providing financing options to your client
• Overview of loan options
• Pre-meeting property investigation
• Initial qualifying questions to client
• Using a financing worksheet to estimate monthly payments

Webinar 2 – Loan Programs in Detail Thursday, Aug. 5th, 1 - 2PM
Click here to Register for Webinar 2
• Basic loan terms made easy
• Checklist of all loans available and requirements
• Costs and resulting monthly payments for each
• Anticipated time to funding
• Choosing your lender partners

Webinar 3 – Client Application Process, Tuesday, August 10th, 1 - 2PM
Click here to Register for Webinar 3
• Qualifying client questions
• Helping your client make the best lender choice
• Staying in control of financing process… It’s your job at stake
• In-home online application…

Webinar 4 – Bringing it all together… Tuesday August 17th,    1 - 2PM
Click here to Register for Webinar 4
• Pre-meeting preparation
• Initial qualification questions
• Worksheet and decision tree use to estimate monthly payments
• Working with your lending partners
• Managing the financing and rebate process
• Successful financing results

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