LIHEAP In Action: A LIHEAP Employee Story

Posted by Cheryl Hiltzik on August 21, 2017
 LIHEAP In Action: A LIHEAP Employee Story
Stacie Bagnasco is now a HERS Rater. (Source: Construction Energy Management Department. Cabrillo College - Aptos, CA)

The stories of positive impact on the lives of people who receive assistance from LIHEAP is only one part of the contribution of LIHEAP to our communities.
In 2010, as the economy was recovering from the recession, Stacie Bagnasco began what has now become a career at Central Coast Energy Services (CCES) - the LIHEAP service provider for Santa Cruz, Monterey, and San Mateo Counties in California. Here, she is featured in a promotional video for the Construction Energy Management Program at Cabrillo College (Aptos, CA).

"In a tremendously difficult economy, I found myself desiring to learn a new skill set, one that could sustain me throughout my lifetime. I would have to say that the educational resources offered through training have served to heighten the development of my vocation which parallels my passion for this industry.” 

While Stacie credits the opportunities afforded to her by the Construction Energy Management Program at Cabrillo College, being employed by LIHEAP has allowed her to carve a niche for herself and pave the way for others, especially as the energy code changes (Title 24, Part 6 Energy Regulations) take effect. Today, Stacie is an Assessor and certified BPI Building Analyst and HERS Whole House - Residential and Non Residential Compliance Rater and an invaluable member of the LIHEAP service delivery team.

"If the LIHEAP program were to go away it would cause a downward trajectory that would undermine all the work that has been accomplished. It would convey a message that the help and education it has provided doesn’t matter. Putting an end to LIHEAP would eliminate thousands of jobs and continued training and education that is necessary to continue to help those in need and achieve the goals of the Energy Efficiency Standards. To continue to make impactful changes in the lives of LIHEAP recipients, we must treat the threat of de-funding LIHEAP with the urgency and persistence it deserves. We need a long term commitment to be effectual - your voice counts!"

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