Home Performance: Lead Generation Ideas

Posted by Mike Austin on September 02, 2019
Home Performance: Lead Generation Ideas

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that households can save up to 25% (or up to $2,000) on their annual utility bills by taking energy efficiency measures. For that reason, more and more homeowners are investing in improving their home performance – from minor repairs to major installations and upgrades.

Home improvement spending will continue to increase by 2% per year until 2025, according to studies. This gives contractors the opportunity to grow their business. But in order to get more service requests, it is important to incorporate some lead generation strategies. One is the use of web push notifications.

What is Web Push Notification?

Push notifications are one of the latest lead generation techniques utilized by many businesses to communicate with their customers. With web push notifications (WPNs), you can send real-time updates and reminders to your clients, and provide them timely messages and helpful information in a non-intrusive way. More and more companies are using all-in-one marketing platforms that integrate push notifications to drive more traffic to their website, re-engage previous customers, obtain new leads, and increase conversions.

Here are some other lead generation ideas that can greatly boost your revenues:

Customer Reviews

In the home improvement industry, word of mouth or in-person referral remains to be the most effective approach to acquiring customers. Homeowners would not trust a contractor that doesn’t seem to have any good review from previous clients. Choose one or two sites where you can encourage happy clients to leave you a review. Explain to them how important their feedback is to your business.

Become an Authority

To thrive in this industry, you’ve got to earn people’s trust. They need to know you are an expert in what you do. After all, they will be making significant investments and they need to be sure that they are entrusting their home improvement needs to the right company. There are many ways to show your company’s expertise, such as:

  • Write an eBook or publish extensive help guides that people can download.
  • Publish blogs regularly.
  • Join forums.

Send Targeted Emails

If you’re like most home improvement contractors, you probably use email marketing as part of your lead generation strategy. But have you ever considered segmenting your list to make your campaigns even more targeted? By doing so, you can be sure that your subscribers are getting the information they want, which can significantly boost your open rate and conversion. 

Offer Financing Options

Home improvement is expensive. By making it more affordable, you are attracting more potential customers to choose you over your competitors. In fact, home improvement companies that offer financing options tend to grow their sales by up to 30% compared to those who don’t offer it.

Leverage Influencer Marketing

This is a long-term strategy that can yield great results when done right. There are many home improvement bloggers or social media influencers who you can work with to boost your brand’s credibility and authority. But instead of using it as a separate strategy, influencer marketing needs to be integrated into your overall marketing strategy, especially social media and content marketing.

Leverage Local SEO

Many home improvement professionals succeed with lead generation through local SEO. You want your business to be known by people in your community more than anywhere else. A quick and simple way to optimize your brand for local search engines is through Google My Business listing. Be sure to set up your listing as a “service-area business” and ask your customers to leave you a review.

Generating leads can be challenging without a solid strategy. Hopefully, with these lead generation ideas, you can get more projects done and grow your home improvement business.


Mike Austin is a marketing and creative content specialist at and working in the Digital Marketing industry since 2009. As a conversion-driven marketer, he is passionate about helping businesses expand their online visibility and reach their goals.

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