Always Committed to Healthy Homes & IAQ!

Posted by Bethany Dittmar, Director of Conference Education, HPC on June 05, 2018
Always Committed to Healthy Homes & IAQ!

June is National Healthy Homes Month (NHHM)! This month-long celebration offers an opportunity to learn more about housing and its impact on health, empowering families to protect themselves from hazards in their home. June’s outreach activities aim to greatly boost awareness and understanding of what federal and local resources are available to make a difference in the lives of all residents, regardless of where they live. Learn more and get involved! Visit the Healthy Homes website.

HPC & Healthy Homes

Healthy Homes was a central topic at the 2018 HPC National Home Performance Conference in Philadelphia.  In session rooms and on the trade show floor, attendees learned from health and IAQ experts in numerous sessions, demonstrating the important relationship between health and housing.

This year’s conference kicked off with a full day workshop on healthy homes, presented by Kevin Kennedy, Director of Environmental Health at Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics in Kansas City and Joe Medosch, Executive Director of Healthy Home Environment Association. This 4-part series took a deep dive into the impact that a home’s indoor environment has on occupants. Through interactive conversations, attendees discussed the principles of healthy homes, asthma and its connection to IAQ, how to communicate with homeowners about chronic environmental disease, and ways to incorporate healthy home assessments and interventions into the retrofit process.

HPC & Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

The IAQ & Healthy Homes track offered opportunities for contractors, weatherization programs, and residential energy efficiency programs to learn how to incorporate health into their program design, energy and home repair services, and business models in order to better serve their customers.

Sessions covered both the technical side of IAQ, such as radon and ventilation and moisture myths, as well as tools for healthy homes assessments, like the Healthy Home Evaluatortools to use during an audit, and effective low-cost IAQ monitors.  Attendees came away from sessions equipped with studies about the link between enhancing indoor air quality and reducing childhood asthma symptoms and research on circumstances where additional cost-effective health and safety investments can increase energy savings.

Join us in Chicago for the 2019 Home Performance Conference & Trade Show for more ways to learn about Healthy Homes and IAQ and be sure to follow HPC on Facebook & Twitter for our videos featuring kids and healthy homes!


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