Signature Building Systems Delivers Energy Efficiency in Custom Modular Homes

Posted by Kristin Nugent on September 17, 2015
Signature Building Systems Delivers Energy Efficiency in Custom Modular Homes

Signature Building Systems (SBS), a leading manufacturer of custom designed, pre-site built homes, recenlty announced that its custom-designed modular homes can be 30% more energy efficient than traditional site-built homes. For the modular home owner, this means lower utility bills, better durability, and reduced maintenance. While keeping energy costs down, a quality SBS home also benefits the air quality in the home by reducing allergens and outside pollutants.

SBS ensures the energy efficiency of its modular homes in their state-of-the art facility. By utilizing advanced software and specialized machinery in a controlled environment, all homes are built from the inside out. A number of elements work together to ensure high energy-efficiency, from careful sealing and closed-cell foam insulation to low-E windows. In particular, SBS’s comprehensive air sealing and quality installation reduces leaks and drafts, which lowers utility bills and requires less maintenance for SBS’s owners.

In addition to the modular homes being customized to be 30% more energy efficient, all homes built by SBS have been certified as Energy Star Ready Homes. This means that they are built with features that make it easier and less expensive for homeowners to install solar, geothermal, or other renewable energy systems after the home has been constructed.


Kristin Nugent is the Senior Account Manager for MGR Strategic Communications.

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