The Future of HVAC is Smart

Posted by Joe Samel on September 16, 2019

The HVAC industry is not known for its quick rate of change, but when change comes, it shifts the industry dramatically. The introduction of scroll technology, SEER requirements that transformed system efficiency, smart Wi-Fi thermostats that changed how we interact with our systems, and the looming technician shortage that is helping us talk up our profession in new ways have all been industry-changers.

The next transformation of HVAC is the introduction of technology that helps home heating and cooling—both new installs and existing systems—become smart.

With the advent of smart maintenance technology, both contractors and homeowners can be in-the-know and on top of home HVAC health. Smart maintenance systems use sensors to proactively analyze HVAC system performance and bring vital information to help extend system life.

Installs Done Right

More than 40 percent of newly installed residential systems are not installed correctly. With smart maintenance, sensors installed with the system verify system performance and confirm that the installation was done right to ensure maximum efficiency and performance.

Homeowners enjoy peace of mind that their system performance has been checked and confirmed, and contractors avoid callbacks and build their reputation.

 System Breakdowns Anticipated—and Prevented

There is never a good time for a homeowner to experience a heating and cooling system failure, and yet today more than 70 percent of home systems are inefficient or headed for a breakdown. With smart maintenance homeowners and contractors can be alerted to 80 percent of failures before they occur.

Regular reports and system alerts help contractors proactively respond to homeowner needs, and aids with scheduling and reducing overtime. Homeowners know that their system is being monitored 24/7 and that they can save on repairs by getting the service they need to prevent catastrophic system failure.

 Know Before You Go

The days of trying to predict the extent of a service call are over. With smart maintenance contractors will know exactly what system issue they will be addressing. This allows contractors to head out to the jobsite with the right tools and replacement parts.

And after the repair is made, the system report lets the homeowner know their system is up and running at peak efficiency.

Reputation Enhanced

Contractors have been challenged to maintain homeowner relationships and secure referrals. With regular reports going to their customers, contractors can stay top of mind to homeowners. And contractors that use the reports for proactive outreach to their customers for maintenance build goodwill.

 The Future Is Now

Less than 10 percent of home maintenance agreements are properly serviced, and one-third cancel each year. Incorporating smart HVAC maintenance to monitor system performance allows contractors to focus on servicing the customer systems that need attention, to prevent failure and ensure system efficiency.

HVAC is a big investment for a homeowner and smart maintenance provides peace of mind and a better service experience. The future of HVAC has arrived. Upgrade to smart.

Joe Samel is the Marketing Lead for Sensi Predict, Emerson’s new smart maintenance solution. Learn more at Address questions about the post to Holly Michael, at

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