Home Energy Pros Forum Thriving

Posted by Lindsay Bachman, Diane Chojnowski, Jim Gunshinan on June 13, 2018
Home Energy Pros Forum Thriving

Home Energy Pros Forum has reached a milestone. We are welcoming our 6,000th member to the premier online community for home performance pros! More than 425 new members have joined since the Home Performance Coalition (HPC) took over stewardship of the site on October 1, 2017. Home Energy Pros was founded in 2011 by Lawrence Berkeley National Lab scientist Evan Mills, with support from DOE and the help of Home Energy Magazine. The community merged with David Butler's dynamic Home Performance Forum LinkedIn group last year under the sponsorship of HPC and continues to grow and thrive as the Home Energy Pros Forum.

Keith Aldridge, CEO of HPC, says, “Since becoming a part of HPC, the Home Energy Pros Forum has developed into an integral part of the services we provide to further our mission, which is to support those working to create housing that is healthy, comfortable, energy efficient, environmentally responsible, and affordable for everyone.”

The Forum community is geographically diverse, with members hailing from every state in the United States, and 70 other countries. An additional amplifier effect is that 25% of its members share content forward on their own social media streams. The Forum reaches additional people by posting to its own associated social media feeds multiple times per week: The membership represents a rich cross-section of participants in the home energy performance movement, including:

  • Energy auditors
  • Building contractors
  • Insulation contractors       
  • HVAC contractors
  • Home inspectors
  • Appraisers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Architects
  • Building Energy Modelers
  • Trainers
  • Federal, state, and local government agencies
  • Manufacturers
  • Energy researchers 

Here are some of the most popular blog posts through the years: 

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Some of the most popular discussions:

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                     The end of profits for Auditors/raters

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                     DOE Home Energy SCORE

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