The Real Women of Home Performance

Posted by Amy Beley on July 03, 2015
The Real Women of Home Performance
Amy Beley
At the ACI National Conference this year, I was remiss that there was no official presence of Women in Home Performance. What I found encouraging was that people noticed and asked for more. So, with the gracious assistance of long time supporter Macie Melendez of Home Energy magazine, we’re back! Macie and I will be interviewing women in the industry in this blog series, The Real Women of Home Performance. Our hope is to give these women a chance to shine, and to encourage more women to join the ranks and help us transform the retrofit industry. We need more diverse thinking, and more smart men and women solving the challenges our industry faces. I just happen to think we’re a bit short on women. 
I started the Women in Home Performance initiative because I see a need. Our industry is still small, and trying to find the tipping point. We need to be working better together, and supporting men and women as we move to make change. The initiative focuses on 3 key areas:

Market Transformation/Business Development:

  • All aspects of business development, from the day to day decisions made at the contractor level, all the way up to the national policy discussions underway to move this industry forward.
  • Professionalizing this industry - we have a great foundation of men and women who have gotten us here today; how to do we take it to the next step and increase the overall credibility of the industry?
  • Thinking more strategically about how we engage women - after all, women make the majority of key financial decisions in the home: Women call the shots: Women make sole financial decisions 43% of the time at home, compared to 26% of men who do the same. (Pew Study from 2008)


  • Educating men and women on capitalizing on the strengths women bring to the industry - from personal interactions to professional decisions.
  • Women business owners employ 35% more people than all Fortune 500 companies combined.
  • Women earn less than men in 99% of all occupations.  
Networking and Support:
  • Developing an organized opportunity for women to build relationships and to discuss specific concerns and issues that women face in the workforce.
I hope you enjoy this series, and look for more from Women in Home Performance soon!
Amy Beley is a Senior Manager at Build It Green. She's an advocate for contractors, and created a department focused on giving them the resources they need to make home performance work. She also teaches yoga. 

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