Confessions of a Sinner

March/April 2009
A version of this article appears in the March/April 2009 issue of Home Energy Magazine.
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March 09, 2009
Good intentions abound worldwide for improvements in energy efficiency in efforts to curb the effects of global warming, with governments mandating enormous cuts in C02 emissions. In Europe, where I live, the buildings sector is the center of great policy attention because of the significant potential for energy efficiency improvements, and, thus, carbon reductions. Yet the means for achieving those goals seem out of reach, given the lack of an infrastructure to bring about the changes that are needed. More and more policies are being put in place, but all too often they are inadequately resourced. I’ve been working in this field since the late 1970s and we still don’t have a way to bring about the kind of widespread energy efficiency improvements in buildings that we need to achieve energy security and fight global warming. This has gotten personal. I am selling my house in London, England, where you are not allowed to put a building on the market until it has undergone an energy performance audit and received the obligatory certificate stating its energy efficiency rating. This certificate is required under the European Union’s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, and I was ...

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