Swimming Pools Get Greener

September/October 2008
A version of this article appears in the September/October 2008 issue of Home Energy Magazine.
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September 07, 2008
Technology innovations proven to reduce energy consumption and environmental impacts in other industries are now gaining acceptance in the U.S. pool-building industry. Variable-frequency drive technology, widely adopted in other industries that demand hydraulic efficiency, from dairy farms to water treatment plants, is now being adapted into variable-drive and variable-speed pool pumps. Other equipment, such as electrolytic chlorine systems are experiencing brisk sales. Pool owners today can reduce their energy usage dramatically and save hundreds of dollars per year by implementing easy and affordable retrofit projects (see “Efficiency Options and Opportunities”). With today’s rising energy costs and new state regulations for energy efficiency, everyone involved in the pool industry is wishing to create and environmentally friendly products. Pumping Out Energy Savings A Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) study, conducted by Davis Energy Group and submitted to the California Energy Commission as part of its 2006 Appliance Standards Rulemaking docket determined that the average residential pool pump consumes 2,600 kWh annually. With an estimated 1.5 million private residential in-ground pools in California, it takes the output of six medium-sized power plants just to operate the state’s pools. The PG&E study concluded that pool ...

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