July/August 2008
A version of this article appears in the July/August 2008 issue of Home Energy Magazine.
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July 01, 2008
Creating a Rain Garden I just read your article “Greening Water Use” (Sept/Oct ’07, p. 5) and have some questions about keeping water away from our house. Do you have any suggestions regarding rainspout runoff for a small front yard with a thick clay layer over rock? We are rebuilding a retaining wall for the raised beds in front of our house where the old one was leaning into our neighbors’ driveway.  We installed a new drainage pipe.  We were considering connecting the outlet from our rainspouts and the separate outlet from our porch to the new drainage pipe.  My father suggested I investigate a dry well.  Then I remembered the rain garden you mentioned in the article. Do you think a rain garden would work for us? Anne Hutcheson-Wilcox Low-Carbon Productions Oakland, California Author Jim LaRue replies: Dry wells are mainly used to get water back into the aquifer, and they often clog up with clay silt in an all too-brief time.  You could consider your whole front yard a rain garden, if the plants could stand extra water that might be generated from all the storm water coming from the ...

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