Conditioning the A/C Technician

May/June 2002
A version of this article appears in the May/June 2002 issue of Home Energy Magazine.
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May 01, 2002
A relatively new A/C training system aims to turn A/C technicians into expert diagnosticians.
        What do you get when you mix an A/C technician, a little bit of training, and no mentoring? According to John Proctor, principal of Proctor Engineering, you get what you deserve: a plague of poorly operating, energy-wasting A/C systems.That’s why he developed CheckMe!, a training and guidance system that combines targeted instruction on A/C essentials, computerized expert systems, and ongoing hand-holding via telephone for field technicians (see “Fast Checks for Refrigerant Charge?,” p. 18).         It’s a quiet revolution he’s fomenting in the A/C world. Since the introduction of CheckMe! in 1998, 20,498 customers have received CheckMe! certificates telling them how their A/C units performed on charge and air flow tests, both before and after the technician worked on the unit.         The certificate is the final feedback loop for technicians enrolled in this system, which places equal emphasis on technical accuracy and human interactions. The CheckMe! system starts with a series of trainings that detail how to diagnose and repair charge, airflow, and duct problems. Proctor designed his training program to address ...

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