Book Review: 'How to Teach Technicians (without putting them to sleep)'

Fall 2018
A version of this article appears in the Fall 2018 issue of Home Energy Magazine.
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September 03, 2018
I used to feel nothing but awkward when getting up in front of any crowd ... unless it was a small crowd and I could talk about something I really knew and liked, like hot water. Years ago, I ran across this book How to Teach Technicians. Holohan knows that technicians are more visual and tactile than “regular” people. We want and need to see and touch things to understand them. I understand this rather well as I R one. I recently went looking for the book, and the good news is that it has just been rewritten and completely updated. The book walks you through the entire process of teaching, from knowing your audience, your material, and the environment you’ll be teaching in, to stories about the many ways teaching can get disrupted by things like dogs, crows, very hot lightbulbs, and not really knowing just what you’re doing!

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