What's Up with Duct Tape?

November/December 2004
A version of this article appears in the November/December 2004 issue of Home Energy Magazine.
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November 01, 2004
New tests for duct tape include testing the strapping that holds duct connections together and testing the longevity of duct sealants.
        It’s been a couple of years since we last wrote about duct tape in the pages of Home Energy, and it is time to revisit this ever-popular subject. When last we left duct sealant durability issues, the Energy Performance of Buildings Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) had done an accelerated longevity test;we found that most everything worked except standard, clothbacked rubber adhesive duct tape (see “Duct Lab Does Duct Tape,”HE Sept/Oct ’02, p. 13). In response, the state of California had limited the use of such tapes in new construction, and manufacturers were considering developing new products.         Several things have changed in the world of duct tape over the last couple of years. LBNL has completed another round of durability testing.There is a new version of Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) 181B that now includes testing the strapping that holds duct connections together.And there is a new American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) E2342-03 standard for testing the longevity of duct sealants. Core-to-Collar Joints         Rather than the collar-to-plenum connection we tested ...

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