August 08, 2016
Fall 2016
This online-only article is a supplement to the Fall 2016 print edition of Home Energy Magazine.
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September 11–14

2016 NASEO Annual Meeting

September 12–15

Solar Power International

September 16–18


September 20–22


September 21–25

Eleventh Annual North American Passive House Conference

September 27–29

EEBA’s Excellence in Building Conference & Expo

September 27–30

2016 NASCSP Annual Training Conference

September 28–October 1

2016 ICAA Annual Convention and Trade Show

October 5–7

Greenbuild International Conference and Expo

October 19–20

2016 HPC New England Regional Home Performance Conference

October 19–21

Lead and Healthy Housing National Mid-Year Conference

October 20–22

Behavior, Energy & Climate Change Conference

December 4–6

2016 ACEEE Intelligent Efficiency Conference 


Building Science

Energy Center of Wisconsin University

Flir Systems Infrared Training

Fluke Corporation

HPC Online Training

Midwest Renewable Energy Association

Saturn Resource Management, Incorporated

Snell Infrared

UC Davis Extension
Renewable Energy
Energy Resource Management

If you wish to submit your conference, exposition, seminar, or workshop related to residential energy efficiency, please send a notice at least four months in advance to: Home Energy Calendar, 1250 Addison St., Ste. 211B, Berkeley, CA 94702, or e-mail

Home Energy Media Partnerships Launching in 2016

Home Energy launches exciting media partnerships in 2016 with the foremost trade organizations in the home performance and green building industry. These include the Home Performance Coalition (formerly ACI), Energy & Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA), Building Performance Institute (BPI), and Efficiency First. These partnerships mean increased subscription discounts for HPC and EEBA attendees, BPI certified pros, and Efficiency First members, and increased distribution for advertisers. Home Energy is also a media sponsor for the following events: Better Buildings: Better Business; Energy Design; Insulation Contractors Assoc. of America; North American Passive House Conference; North American Passive House Network; RESNET Building Performance Conference.

Home Energy Conference Sponsorship

Contact Maggie Forti ( for information on media sponsorship for your professional trade or training event.

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