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Home Energy Magazine Online July/August 1994



At Energy Northwest the Team is the Theme

The Energy Northwest Conference held in Portland, Oregon, in late April brought together representatives of weatherization and energy assistance agencies as well as utilities from Alaska, Oregon, Washington and Idaho to focus on residential energy-efficiency. The importance of teamwork was emphasized.

Keynote speeches by management consultants Joan Brown-Kline and Derrell Beck focussed on the challenges of cultural diversity in the work force and on the importance of effective communication within organizations. The themes were illustrated elsewhere at the conference. Teamwork was required for The Great Blower Door Competition of 1994 which pitted weatherization crews against an obstacle course, judging them on speed, accuracy, and creativity in problem solving. Teams also matched wits in the NRG Feud game, based on the well known television game show, Family Feud.

From Advanced Pressure Diagnostics to Energy Education to Whole House Ventilation, the conference offered over 50 technical sessions, complemented by 13 hands-on tutorials and eight roundtable discussions, all covering a wide spectrum of issues and technologies. More than 500 people attended.

Coinciding with the conference, workers from Clackamas County's Employment, Training, and Business Services began work on Oregon's 50,000th house to be weatherized by the Department of Energy's Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP). Since 1976, the federal government has provided more than $106 million to weatherize homes for low-income households in Oregon. An estimated total of 135,000 households are still eligible for weatherization in the state. Nationally, some 4 million of nearly 28 million eligible households received weatherization services between 1976-1989, for which the federal government provided roughly $5 billion.

-- Cyril Penn


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