RESNET Launches New Web Site

September 02, 2010
September/October 2010
A version of this article appears in the September/October 2010 issue of Home Energy Magazine.
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RESNET recently launched a new web site that updates its professional image, provides a wealth of information for both homeowners and industry, and makes it easier to find the information you want. To simplify navigation, the new web site consists of two related web sites—one for consumers and one for professionals.

Laurel Elam is the program coordinator and conference coordinator for RESNET.

New Web Site Educates Consumers

The new web site for consumers ( explains to homeowners what a rating or audit entails. “We were responding to requests within our membership to provide information to educate homeowners,” says Steve Baden, RESNET executive director. “With the current expansion of our industry, and especially as the Home Star legislation is set to pass, there is a growing need for consumers to understand exactly what it is that energy raters and auditors do.”

Perhaps the greatest obstacle facing the energy efficiency industry is the lack of readily available information for consumers. “Beyond turning off the lights and keeping the fridge door closed, energy efficiency is not something that the average consumer thinks twice about,” says Baden. “Raters and auditors have been fighting an uphill battle trying to educate consumers. Now we’re providing a comprehensive resource where homeowners can learn about energy efficiency—and how an energy audit can help them save money, improve their comfort, and do something good for the environment at the same time.”

On the red-themed consumer web site, homeowners can search by zip code to find local certified raters and auditors, and EnergySmart contractors in various trades. Previously, only raters were listed, and only by state. The new site is much more flexible than the old one and makes it easier to find local professionals.

The new site includes an upgraded profile page where raters, auditors, and contractors can display information about their company and the services they provide. To help home-owners find the right professional for their needs, profile pages include the following features:
  • company logo;
  • contact information;
  • web site link;
  • automatic e-mail message;
  • company description;
  • professional certification logos;
  • Google map of office location;
  • list of other company offices;
  • ability to post case studies; and
  • ability to post testimonials and rating of service by past customers.
To view a sample profile for raters, visit

New RESNET Web Site for Professionals

RESNET’s new web site design includes a separate site geared toward raters and other industry professionals ( There is also a link to this web site on the consumer site. With separate navigational tabs for raters and auditors, contractors and builders, and providers, the information is well organized and easy to find. The blue-themed site contains information about certifications, training and testing requirements, provider registries and applications, the annual RESNET conference, and much more than it is possible to include here. The professional web site also features the RESBlog, which is a place where industry professionals post job opportunities, information about upcoming events, technical articles, and information about training courses. We recommend browsing both the consumer and professional web sites to see the changes.

RESNET Not Slowing Down

With the introduction of the new RESNET EnergySmart Contractor designation (more to come) and the launch of its new web site, RESNET has been extremely busy as it prepares for the passing of the Home Star legislation. And RESNET shows no sign of slowing down. In the coming months it plans to undertake an aggressive consumer marketing campaign, introduce new certifications for Building Performance Auditors and Comprehensive HERS Raters, and commercial building ratings. Among other initiatives, the organization plans to develop a national comprehensive energy audit modeling standard.


Home Energy is a benefit of membership for RESNET Certified Raters. Membership in RESNET keeps your organization abreast of the latest developments in residential energy efficiency.

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