DOE Weatherization Assistance Program Update

September 01, 2019
Fall 2019
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In an ongoing effort to improve communication with the weatherization community, DOE’s Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) will convey new training resources, recently issued Weatherization Program Notices (WPNs) and WAP Memorandums, and other relevant information in this new feature . . . in case you missed it.

WPNs and WAP Memorandums

WPN 15-4, Section 4 requires Grantees to provide comprehensive training for all WAP workers that is aligned with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory Job Task Analysis (JTA) for the profession in which the worker is employed. In support of this WPN, WAP Memorandum 050: Crew Lead and Retrofit Installer/Technician Job Task Analysis and Certification Updates, and Badges Toolkit addresses the 2018 update of the Crew Lead (CL) and Retrofit Installer/Technician (RIT) JTAs, which combined these into a single CL JTA. The memorandum also discusses DOE’s discontinued support for the CL and RIT certifications and reviews the Badges Toolkit (available from, which was developed to provide WAP implementers flexibility in meeting training requirements and demonstrating worker experience and skills in the installer-specific portions of the JTAs.

discount for WAP providers.


WAP Memorandum 051: American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) Grantee Survey Results circulates to the weatherization network the results of the 2019 survey that provided Grantees the opportunity to give DOE WAP constructive feedback on various aspects of federal program operations and identify opportunities for improvement. Slide presentations on the survey results in the form of an executive summary and a Grantee briefing are available.

WAP requested similar feedback from Subgrantees to help improve the administration of WAP through WAP Memorandum 052: American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) Subgrantee Survey. WAP used the ACSI in 2017 to obtain constructive feedback from Subgrantees, which enabled DOE to enhance WAP’s processes and service delivery. The Subgrantee Program Manager should have received notification of the survey beginning June 18, 2019; the survey closed July 16, 2019.

Read more about WPNs and WAP Memorandums.

Training Resources

A recording is available of a webinar that DOE WAP hosted for Grantees to review the outcomes of the ACSI Grantee Survey.

See more training resources.

Other Information

As a reminder, you can opt in to receive an e-mail when the latest WPNs, WAP Memorandums, and training resources are issued by signing up on the Weatherization Program Guidance web page.

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