25 Years of Prescience

May 06, 2009
May/June 2009
A version of this article appears in the May/June 2009 issue of Home Energy Magazine.
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Home Energy invites you to join us in celebrating our 25th year in print—and our 15th year online! Publication of this special issue has been made possible with sponsorship from Pacific Gas & Electric Company.  

I’m honored to be at the helm of this ground-breaking publication at this critical time in our nation’s building and energy sectors. This is a unique time when there is a renewed interest in building science and a new appreciation of the link between how we (re)build and use energy and water in our homes, and their impact on both the local environment and global climate.  

TOM WHITE is the publisher of Home Energy magazine. Tom has over thirty years of experience in publishing, including Whole Earth Review, Greater Good magazine and the Social Enterprise Reporter. He also has restored and retrofitted award-winning historic homes with his domestic partner.
The articles in this issue exemplify the forward-looking, science-based mission of Energy Auditor and Retrofitter, Inc., the 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation that publishes Home Energy magazine. Looking back over the 25 years of Home Energy issues in my office, one sees that the magazine has long documented cutting-edge “green” energy conservation technologies and programs. Our first issue covered CFL’s, Energy Efficient Refrigerators, Waterbeds, Energy Button Fraud, Insulation Effectiveness, and Formaldehyde Threats.

And from the start, advertisers have been important partners in providing proven money-saving (and profit-making) tools, appliances and training. Home Energy has provided a credible and reliable sales-building channel for many of the leading manufacturers and service providers in today’s home energy efficiency industry. Many of the manufacturers who advertised in our first issue are still advertising their expanded product line in Home Energy today!

“Your magazine is the most relevant information source in the industry. There is nothing else like it.”
– Mimi Burbage, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation

Home Energy Magazine’s bi-monthly arrival is a
useful and objective resource in my weatherization and home performance toolbox. Thanks for helping us keep up to speed during these challenging and exciting energy times.”
– Lisa Kesecker, West Virginia Governors Office of Economic Opportunity
I’d like to publicly express my thanks to you—our reader, and to our contributors, key partners and advertisers for helping to create and sustain Home Energy over the years. I invite you to contribute your ideas, advertisements and financial donations.  Your support will keep Home Energy  at the leading-edge of new ideas and continuing education on energy efficient techniques and technologies that increase the comfort, durability, affordability, and sustainability of our homes.

Thank you,
Tom White

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