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January/February 2009
A version of this article appears in the January/February 2009 issue of Home Energy Magazine.
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January 02, 2009
Steve Mann is a HERS rater, Green Point rater, LEED AP, remodeler, and long-time software engineer. Home performance analysis, HERS ratings, and green building ratings like Energy Star for Homes and LEED for Homes all have one thing in common—they require some degree of understanding of HVAC systems. Home performance contractors usually test duct systems for leakage. HERS raters need to do a whole-building analysis of heating and cooling loads and equipment sizing, and may factor in duct testing. LEED for Homes requires a HERS rating (or Title 24 analysis in California) and duct testing. If you are a HERS rater or home performance analyst, you can extend the quality and quantity of your services by offering room-by-room load analysis and air supply requirements. You’re already doing a building takeoff to get exterior wall areas, interior volumes, and insulation and glazing details. If you collect room sizes, you can also calculate the room-by-room requirements using an appropriate software program. With this information, you can more accurately analyze comfort complaints that may be related to air supply problems. You can also do room-by-room calculations, equipment sizing, and duct sizing for HVAC contractors. If you are a HERS rater ...

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