Pollution Occurrence Insurance

January/February 2004
A version of this article appears in the January/February 2004 issue of Home Energy Magazine.
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January 01, 2004
For weatherization assistance program providers, obtaining affordable coverage is unexpectedly difficult.
        What is pollution occurrence insurance (POI), and why do Weatherization Assistance program (WAP) providers need to be concerned with it? This is the question on the minds of many people working in and around the WAP at the state and local levels.And if it is not yet on your mind, it will be soon.         The need for POI is tied into the WAP’s involvement with lead hazard control—another issue that would seem to be of little importance to a federally funded energy conservation program. After all, the WAP installs energy conservation materials and performs limited health and safety repairs. Lead-based paint hazard control programs, like those operated through HUD, are usually focused on prime window and door replacements, surface paint stabilization, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and exterior wall covering replacements— areas of the home that the WAP rarely disturbs. Why should very limited WAP resources be used to perform very expensive services that conserve little energy?         The authorizing legislation for DOE’s WAP (10CFR Part 440) does not mention lead-based paint hazard control. Indeed, DOE policy ...

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