Editorial: A Letter from the CEO

March 30, 2019
Spring 2019
A version of this article appears in the Spring 2019 issue of Home Energy Magazine.
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Dear Friends,

Welcome readers and attendees at the 2019 National Home Performance Conference and Trade Show! Have you heard our news? It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of the Building Performance Association!

In the late months of 2018, the Home Performance Coalition joined forces with Home Energy Magazine and Efficiency First to become the Building Performance Association. The Association is a unified nonprofit membership-based industry association dedicated to advancing the home and building performance industry. As part of this consolidation we are strengthening our partnership with the Building Performance Institute, which will serve as the certification and standards-setting affiliate of the Association. Although all of these organizations have perennially shared a commitment to the same goals and values, becoming the Building Performance Association will allow us to combine our resources, knowledge, and passions to start a new era—and allow us to do more than we ever could as separate organizations.

Keith Aldridge

While we work to define and develop the benefits, resources, and support that you need to be more successful, we invite you to join us on this journey. We’ll be actively engaging with our community, bringing you information on how to access these additional resources as well as opportunities to provide us guidance on developing the Association. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on these changes, trends you see happening in your workplace, and how we can support you.

Our mission is to support home performance contractors, weatherization agencies and training centers, product manufacturers and distributors, program sponsors and implementers, building scientists, and energy efficiency focused nonprofits and others who together form the large and diverse network of stakeholders in our industry. Together we are better positioned to drive the industry forward, creating better regulations and policies; more jobs; a strong, qualified, and diverse workforce; educational opportunities; better wages; and increased demand for excellence in building performance.

We believe that all of you engaged in delivering building performance to your communities are leading the way to the future on how we can live our best lives while we’re indoors. How do we do that? By delivering healthy, safe, comfortable, durable, affordable, energy-efficient, and environmentally sustainable buildings. We salute all of you who are working every day to make these goals a reality.

We’ve seen the home and building performance industry make major strides since our organizations began several decades ago. Please join us now as we come together to advance our industry.


Keith Aldridge
Building Performance Association

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