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November 01, 2015
November/December 2015
A version of this article appears in the November/December 2015 issue of Home Energy Magazine.
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The Cottages at Cypress: A Net Zero Energy Low-Income Senior Housing Development"

Sean Armstrong has overseen the design of 5,000 units of 50–100% net zero energy houses and apartments since he founded Redwood Energy in 2011. He also works to support the California Energy Commission in its efforts to convert the residential construction industry to net zero by 2019. So it’s fair to say he’s a big fan of net zero energy building. It’s “affordable, sensible, and all in all really rocks!” he says.

What you didn’t know about him: He’s the co-owner, with his wife, of a sustainable animal farm.


Joan Glickman

“DOE’s Home Energy Score: Looking Back and Forging Ahead”

“States and utilities are leading the way in getting reliable, energy efficiency information to homeowners and home buyers,” says author Joan Glickman. While we have a long way to go, she says it’s clear that through effective partnerships, leaders are proving that it’s possible to provide consistent and actionable information at a reasonable cost.

What you didn’t know about her: “I'm trying to start a bubble tea food cart business on the side with my daughter.”


Chie Kawahara

Living in an Old House Remodeled to Passive House Standard

This issue, Chie Kawahara shares
her personal experiences of living in a 93-year-old house that was remodeled to the Passive House standard. One of the biggest lessons learned? “Real learning begins after living in the house. Our senses play an important role in tuning the house, especially the sense of smell,” she says.

What you didn’t know about her:“I didn't know how to operate a thermostat until age 26. I grew up in Hawaii, where there is no need for heating.”


Kathleen Marshall

The Cottages at Cypress: A Net Zero Energy Low-Income Senior Housing Development

In addition to being part of the net zero energy building movement, Kathleen Marshall considers herself a Jill of all trades. She’s also a registered nurse; a community theater actress; a singer; a short-story writer; and a host, engineer, editor, and producer for Humboldt State University public radio station KHSU's weekly interview program Through the Eyes of Women.

What you didn’t know about her:"Before recently, my main focus was starting a high-efficiency vehicle company.”

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