Contributors: November/December 2014

November/December 2014
A version of this article appears in the November/December 2014 issue of Home Energy Magazine.
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Sean Bleything

Behavior Change Requires a Human Touch

While writing this month’s article, Bleything learned that “in order to motivate and inspire homeowners to save energy, there needs to be some human element involved.” This can be in the form of a phone call, a personalized e-mail, or even an in-home visit, but “simply providing a customer with technology and expecting it to magically change the person’s energy habits is unrealistic.”


What you didn’t know about him: “In 2005, I built a 1,000 ft2 timber frame cabin with two friends in the mountains of western North Carolina. We did all of the joinery by hand, using an old-fashioned hand crank boring machine!”


Greg Labbé

Equipment Review: ACIN Flow Finder Mk 2


In this month’s Tools of the Trade column, Labbé explores the ACIN Flow Finder Mk 2. The one takeaway you need to know from his article? “Just because I bought the Ferrari of balometers doesn't mean I need it…but it sure is reliable, quick, easy to use, and turns heads on the beer
patios downtown on a Friday night.”

What you didn’t know about him: “I nearly flunked high school English (it was an all-French school), but Mrs. Jones, who was English, did me a favor when she singled me out to read a piece in front of the class. That was the first piece I handed in that wasn't a first draft, and she knew it right away. Effort goes a
long way!”

Ken Riead

Prospering in a Postrebate World


There are few organizations in our industry that haven’t been affected by the end of ARRA funding, so naturally, it’s often a topic of conversation. In Riead’s article this month, he shares how this lack of funding is actually a positive. “This does not mean the end of our industry nor the ability to sell our services. In fact, we have more opportunity than ever to really make a difference for our clients, for the environment, and for our pocketbooks,” he says.

What you didn’t know about him: “I have a functional public relations degree with emphasis in advertising, and yet I am a complete energy nerd.”

Erin Rose

The Weatherization Experiences Project


While you may see social networks as something of a nuisance or a way to spread viral videos, they are actually well positioned for the diffusion of information on home energy efficiency programs, says Rose in regard to her article this month. “I find myself in awe at the power social networks harness to adopt actions and promote programs to improve quality of life.”

What you didn’t know about her: “As a social worker, I am committed to the fight for social and environmental justice and wholeheartedly believe that no one person is more deserving or more special than any other person.”

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