The Real High-Efficiency Toilets Have Arrived

Water/Energy: Linking Efficiency Efforts (Special Edition)
A version of this article appears in the Water/Energy: Linking Efficiency Efforts (Special Edition) issue of Home Energy Magazine.
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June 07, 2007
Why discuss toilets in an energy publication? The interesting secret about toilets—and all of the other fixtures and appliances that use water—is that they are responsible for a good part of a region’s energy consumption. Why? Because pumping water, delivering water, and treating wastewater all require electricity. About 5% of all electricity consumed in California is used to provide these essential water-related services. Another 14% is used on the customer side of the meter to water lawns, take showers, and so forth. In short, 19% of all electricity used statewide is used for water-related activities. And according to various field studies, toilet flushing in the typical home is responsible for 27% of indoor water use. Add to that the leakage that is found with older fixtures, and the figure can rise to well above 30%—more than for any other indoor use! Clearly, improving the performance and efficiency of toilets will save energy.

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