Deep Energy Retrofit X10

May/June 2012
A version of this article appears in the May/June 2012 issue of Home Energy Magazine.
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April 29, 2012
Deep Energy Retrofits (DERs) are at the cutting edge of the residential building industry. These ambitious projects aim to take existing homes and transform them into extremely low-energy homes. While the exact definition of a DER is not yet clear, most experts consider energy reductions greater than 50% to be readily achievable with existing technologies, materials, and construction practices. These drastic energy cuts are typically achieved using a combination of comprehensive building enclosure improvements, HVAC and domestic hot-water system replacement, lighting and appliance upgrades, and sometimes the addition of renewable energy. In addition to these building system improvements, energy conservation by the occupants plays a critical role in the success of DERs. When you are looking for low environmental impact in housing choices, a DER is a viable alternative to a new home—one that minimizes environmental footprint, maintains historical character, and achieves exceptional energy performance and occupant satisfaction.

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