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In 1984, Alan and other colleagues based at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab started Energy Auditor and Retrofitter magazine, which was quickly given the more memorable title: Home Energy. At that time, Home Energy was the only periodical devoted to advancing energy efficiency and conservation in existing homes. In 2018, Home Energy, along with Efficiency First, joined with the Home Performance Coalition and its affiliate the Building Performance Association. The Association shares the goals of Home Energy, and adds support, education, advocacy at the state and national level, standards development, and networking to that mission, on behalf of the entire building performance community.

As a cutting-edge publication, Home Energy continually evolves in tandem with changes in building science. As we advance into the future under the auspices of the Building Performance Association, the reach of home performance is expanding, and so is that of Home Energy.

Home Energy Magazine is published in four quarterly issues per year by the Building Performance Association's affiliate, Home Performance Coalition, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

What Is a Home Performance Contractor?
What is a home performance contractor
A home should be comfortable, safe, durable, healthy to breathe in, and energy efficient. If a home meets all these standards, then it performs well. But what if your house doesn't perform well? What if it is drafty, moldy, expensive to heat and cool, or just uncomfortable too much of the time? You need to find a home performance contractor. A home performance contractor has undergone specialized training so that he or she can diagnose a home's problems and find ways to fix them.

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Building Performance Association

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Board of Directors

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Ideal Energy
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Energy Efficiencies Solutions
Steve Cowell
Andrew Fisk
Paul Francisco
Illinois Sustainable Technology Center
David Hepinstall
Association for Energy Affordability
Suzanne Harmelink
Dick Kornbluth
Dick Kornbluth LLC
Peter Krajsa
National Energy Improvement Fund
Emily Levin
Rob Minnick
Brandon Renaud
Columbia Water and Light
Sydney Roberts
Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing
Kathe Stewart
Precision Air Conditioning and Heating
Mark Tajima
Energia, LLC
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Energy Circle

Home Energy Staff

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Senior Editor
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Associate Editor & Office Manager
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Director of Advertising
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Design Associate
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Technical Editors
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