Two Ways You Can Be a Face of EE

Posted by Carol Harley, E4 on March 14, 2018
Two Ways You Can Be a Face of EE
Want to help advance our industry, without spending time on policy advocacy? Here are two simple, easy ways to amplify the importance of Energy Efficiency (EE):

1. Get a free professional headshot at HPC18
2. Show off your company and tell your story

Boost EE’s Signal
If you agree that policymakers need to see what powerful job creation looks like, Faces of EE is a proven method to get there. You can join the 800+ pros already in Faces of EE to show the real people and real jobs thriving in the U.S.

Being smart for business and growing the economy is what energy efficiency is all about. It’s so easy to help! You simply provide permission to use your face and a few of your words to educate policy decision makers about EE jobs.

An exciting “win-win”
HPC18 attendees who come to our photo booth on April 24 receive a FREE professional portrait by a top rated photographer.

  • Use your photo however you wish.
  • With your permission, E4TheFuture may use the photo to educate policymakers.
  • By participating, you will be entered in a drawing to win a free 2019 conference registration!

Can’t make it to Philly, but want to participate?
We encourage you to share your story to help support the EE industry. Gain visibility for yourself and your company. Please email for details.

“Faces of EE” builds upon Energy Efficiency Jobs in America. It details the high number of EE jobs in states, metropolitan areas and congressional districts. The images and information you share continue bringing this report to life. The report will be updated in summer 2018.

If selected, your photo or words may be used to illustrate the good jobs that employ real people in our industry. Many decision makers are unaware of the potential our industry provides. Educating them may positively affect an upcoming policy in your own location.

Please tell your peers about this excellent opportunity. We hope to see you and hear from you!

—Carol Harley, Communications Director at E4TheFuture

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