Bridging the Solar/Energy Efficiency Gap: Letís Connect the Best Experts With Homeowners Who Need Help Now!

Posted by Scott Stapf on August 23, 2019
Bridging the Solar/Energy Efficiency Gap: Letís Connect the Best Experts With Homeowners Who Need Help Now!

It has never been easier and more affordable for America’s homeowners to go solar and put in place energy efficiency measures to cut home bills.  So, why haven’t more of us taken the plunge?  In 2019, the number of residential homes in the U.S. that currently take advantage of renewables is dismally low. Even with the population’s clear interest in a clean energy future – and increased accessibility of highly efficient and sustainable technology – many homes and schools are lagging far behind.   It’s time to use the power of apps to close the gap.

Identifying the Gap

The burning question: what is causing the disparity between access and implementation of energy efficiency products in America? Renewable Nation, a non-profit dedicated to the promotion of renewable energy systems hopes to get to the bottom of this.

Virtually every rooftop in the U.S. has been mapped already, to assess its suitability for solar power generation. As a result, we know that about four out of five (79 percent) of U.S. homes are suitable for solar.

Surveys show that more than three out of five (62 percent) homeowners want solar on their rooftops. However, so far only 1.3 million home rooftop solar installations have been completed in the United States, which is just 2.2 percent of the total potential.

Furthermore, there are 125,000 elementary and secondary schools in the United States. Of those, more than half (72,000) could go solar on a cost-effective basis. Yet, as of the end of last year, only 5,489 U.S. schools had gone solar.

The research shows many homeowners and schools want to move forward with home energy projects, but don’t know where to turn. Cutting through the clutter and chaos is essential for any company that works in renewable energy. Having too much information can cause homeowners to freeze with indecision. Understanding this key challenge is a win-win for those providing the energy, as well as those purchasing it. It is the job of contractors and energy professionals to help bridge the gap with reliable and easy-to-understand resources.


This summer, Renewable Nation launched a video-based “DIY Q&A” connecting experts with homeowners who have DIY home energy questions. Scores of questions on video from consumers have been collected and now await answers by contractors and other professionals on DIY home energy projects. 

Consumers want to know how to install solar the right way.  They want to know how to get the best price. They want to take steps to make water heaters and other appliances run more smoothly. They have questions about wind, geothermal, and all kinds of related topics.

If you are reading this, you probably have the answers those consumers need. Those willing to contribute answers to the questions posed by homeowners are encouraged to contact You will be given three video-based consumer questions to answer and a quick, easy way of providing your answer on the spot.  Not transferring or uploading files. You just push a button on the screen, record your video and we do the rest. 

The resulting Q&As will be curated and made available in the Renewable Nation app, on social media and via other online channels. A network of thousands of consumers and homeowners interested in solar and renewable projects will view the responses. What better way to advertise services and expertise than to provide expert advice to consumers who need it?

The app also features a non-commercial, crowd-sourced database of solar contractors and installers, rated by users based on their experience of service. Being a part of the contractor database provides additional opportunities to connect with the homeowners interested in energy efficiency. Entries to the database can be submitted independently in the app.

The Renewable Nation App is available for download at Google Play or App Store. For more information about the video Q&A go to www.RenewableNation.US.


The nonprofit and app-based Renewable Nation uses the latest technology to help American homeowners and schools better understand and act on their renewable energy and energy efficiency choices. The Renewable Nation app is designed to ensure that consumers have ready access to non-commercial information and videos on key topics that already have been curated for their use.

Scott Stapf is program director and spokesperson for the nonprofit Renewable Nation.

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