Featuring the Fundamentals Track as Part of the 2018 National Home Performance Conference!

Posted by Bethany Dittmar on February 01, 2018

The National Home Performance Conference is where home performance and weatherization professionals gather to hear what’s new in the industry, learning from a diverse group of presenters, discussing cutting edge content and advanced building science techniques for experienced attendees. But at the heart of the conference is providing education that lays a solid groundwork for those new to the industry, office staff, or those who just need a refresher in important industry topics.

The Fundamentals track features sessions that explain essential building science concepts, with a goal of providing a strong foundation of knowledge for attendees. The sessions in this track will explain technical topics-- such as the basics of insulation, infrared diagnostic tools, and heat transfer-- in straightforward, clear terms. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn about more nuanced concepts, like indoor air quality and creating comfort for an occupant.

Presenters in this track bring a wealth of knowledge and experience- and they understand how to teach these important concepts without losing attendees in the jargon. Learn from some of the best in the industry to give your career a boost and take your home performance comprehension to the next level! Read about the conference here and make sure you register today to attend.

Bethany Dittmar is Director of Conference Education for HPC.

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