HPC18 Featuring HVAC Strategies & IAQ / Healthy Homes Tracks

Posted by Bethany Dittmar on February 28, 2018
HPC18 Featuring HVAC Strategies & IAQ / Healthy Homes Tracks

The National Home Performance Conference brings together home performance and weatherization professionals from across the country to hear what’s new in the industry, providing the opportunity to learn from a diverse group of presenters, discussing cutting edge content, research, and experiences to help take your career to the next level.

Whether you’re a home performance and weatherization contractor, program, utility, or non-profit, the IAQ & Healthy Homes track and HVAC Strategies track feature sessions to foster your understanding of the topics and to help incorporate health and comfort into your business or program model.

The HVAC Strategies track covers important issues in HVAC installations, duct configuration, static pressure and air flow. Learn essential techniques and strategies in these topics, as well as next level technologies, like HRVs and heat pumps. Of course, an HVAC track at an HPC conference wouldn’t be complete without extensive discussion of ventilation- putting the V back in HVAC- and the importance of ventilation and filtration on indoor air quality.

In the IAQ & Healthy Homes track, presenters share their latest research and field study results on IAQ, asthma, moisture, radon, health partnerships, and homeowner engagement and education. Sessions focus on crucial tools, techniques, and equipment to deliver healthy home evaluations and how health and comfort can be important drivers in consumer decision making.

Presenters in these tracks bring a wealth of knowledge, research and experience from being in the trenches- and present the experiences in illustrative, engaging formats. Learn from some of the best in the industry to improve your home performance understanding and boost your career! Read about the conference and register here to attend. 


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