So Much Greatness and Gratitude - Notes from Nashville

Posted by Amy Beley on March 28, 2017
So Much Greatness and Gratitude - Notes from Nashville
Amy Beley

This past week at HPC in Nashville left me humbled, hopeful, and filled to the brim with gratitude. The biggest HPC/ACI conference to date, and the best one yet in my opinion. I was humbled by the new and innovative ideas, by the momentum behind healthy homes and its connection to home performance, and by the level of dedication and commitment of the leadership in this industry to propel us forward. And the conference would not have been such a huge success without the amazing work of the HPC staff - Nate Natale, Bethany Dittmar, and many others who poured their soul into this. I could write a book about all I'm excited and grateful for from this past week. I'll stick with 5.

My Top 5 Greatness and Gratitude moments:

#5: Getting treasured time with my mentors, and getting to work side by side with you. I am humbled by the opportunity to work closely with Mike Rogers, Keith Aldridge, Steve Cowell, Elizabeth Chant, Dick Kornbluth, John Tooley, and many others. You've done so much of the roadwork, and I'm lucky to know you. 

#4: A Growing Conversation about Workforce Development and Diversity: The sponsors of the Women in Building Performance didn't just put their money on the table so we could have free drinks, they shared why they are committed to the cause. And we ran out of drink tickets in 15 minutes (over 200 tickets!). I was honored and humbled by the show of force of this industry to advocate for diversity in all its forms. We had two sessions focused on diversity specifically, and a phenomenal keynote speaker in Paula Glover of the Association of Blacks in Energy. The conversations during and after those sessions bring me so much hope for how we move forward. Special thanks to Kristen Nicole of Women in Solar Energy and Danielle Putnam of Women in HVAC for making a point to travel to Nashville just to be a part of the conversation. We are onto something here!  

#3: More Contractors: Efficiency First pulled together 9 sessions for contractors, by contractors that were "Powered by Efficiency First." We got many companies to talk about their successes in HR, financials, marketing, technologies, peer groups, and much more. (If you're interested in peer groups, email me!)

#2: Better, Stronger Industry Collaboration: From an industry-wide survey to better integration into the HPC conference, BPI, Efficiency First, and Home Energy Magazine are getting seats at the table for the growth and direction of the industry, and all four organizations are working toward ways to bring you more value and bang for your buck. Look for more of this in the coming year. 

#1: My People. All You People: Every moment of every day (and the days were really really long) I was talking, laughing, and solving the industry problems with some of the kindest, giving, smart, and motivated people I know. I see this conference as a homecoming of sorts - my annual reunion with the soldiers out there on the front lines fixing homes, fixing problems, and making big change in the world. I love all of you. 


Amy Beley has over 12 years working in residential energy. She serves as the Chair of Efficiency First and is on the executive committee of Home Performance Coalition. She is an independent consultant and a yoga teacher in San Francisco, CA.

This blog is reprinted with permission. 

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