HPC Launches the Home Performance Forum

Posted by Lindsay Bachman Flickinger on March 21, 2017
HPC Launches the Home Performance Forum

HPC launched the Home Performance Forum last week, where members openly discuss topics including education, certification, field procedures, equipment, building science, energy modeling, envelope and mechanical design, building codes and standards, sales, marketing, and business systems in one of the largest and most active collaborative sharing forums for home energy professionals.

Started in 2008 by Claire Rutiser, with roots in the RESNET-BPI LinkedIn group, the forum has grown to over 11,000 strong with a diverse professional membership that includes energy auditors, raters, builders, home performance contractors, design professionals, instructors, code officials, program managers and building scientists. In 2011, Claire transferred group ownership to David Butler, who had been the group’s co-moderator. David had long been of the opinion that the home performance and energy efficiency industry needed an online forum for the exchange of ideas and information across all sectors of the community.

Under David’s leadership, the group grew significantly and became the premier collaborative space it is today. Having outgrown the capabilities of LinkedIn Groups, the Home Performance Forum found its new home with the Home Performance Coalition (HPC).

As an alliance of likeminded organizations working together to ensure all homes are healthy, comfortable and energy efficient, HPC is a natural host for the forum. “To ensure the long term viability of the forum, it was important to find an organization willing to adopt and host the forum. The Home Performance Coalition is the ideal host since it is well known among industry practitioners and has never been a wedge issue in group discussions,” said the group’s leader, David Butler, further explaining the choice to have HPC host the forum.

“At HPC, we are mindful that collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. I can’t think of any endeavor more appropriate to this philosophy than serving as host to our industry’s preeminent online community. I want to thank David Butler for selecting HPC to host the forum and for the countless hours he has put into this project, especially during the last few months as we made the transition to the new platform. I believe our industry will get tremendous value from the Home Performance Forum,” said Brian T. Castelli, HPC’s President and CEO.

“Of all the feedback I get from HPC’s regional and national conferences, the idea that we should find a way to keep the conversation going is the one I have heard the most. For years I have been looking for the right vehicle to make that happen so when we were approached about being the new home for  Butler’s LinkedIn group, I couldn’t have been more excited,” said Nate Natale, HPC’s Vice President of Education and Events.

'Best practice' in the home performance industry is rapidly evolving. This forum provides a sounding board where the home performance industry's challenges can be discussed and debated by practitioners and experts in their respective fields. Some of the most interesting discussions develop from questions posed by its members. The forum welcomes passionate participation believing that much can be gained from the exchange of ideas and experience among folks who are dedicated to raising the bar.

The forum offers a full range of notification options and has an outline structure with discussions segregated by topic. The forum also features a powerful search engine to help members as well as guests explore the group's rich archives. Become a member of the Home Performance Forum today.

Join the discussion; share the journey


Lindsay Bachman Flickinger is the director of marketing and communications for HPC.

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