California Sets Biggest Energy Efficiency Plan in the Nation

Posted by Leslie Jackson, associate editor on October 30, 2009
In September, 2009, the CPUC authorized California's four investor-owned utilities to spend $3.1B on energy efficiency measures (from ratepayer taxes) over the next three years. Those utilities are
  • Southern California Edison,
  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company,
  • San Diego Gas and Electric Company, and
  • Southern California Gas Company.

The Staggering Statistics: The goal is to save
  • 7,000 gigawatt hours,
  • 1,500 megawatts, and
  • 150 million metric therms of natural gas.
This is the equivalent of three 500-megawatt power plants and avoids 3 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions, and creates between 15,000 and 18,000 skilled green jobs.

What is CalSPREE? Included in the large launch is the arm of the program called CalSPREE, which stands for California Statewide Program for Residential Energy Efficiency. Goals for CalSPREE are to increase the energy performance by 20% for up to 130,000 existing California homes in that three-year time period. According to the document, "DECISION APPROVING 2010 TO 2012 ENERGY EFFICIENCY PORTFOLIOS AND BUDGETS," the Strategic Plan's goals for the residential sector are
  • Home buyers, owners and renovators will implement a whole-house approach to energy consumption that will guide their purchase and use of existing homes, home equipment (e.g., HVAC systems), household appliances, lighting, and “plug load” amenities.
  • Plug loads will be managed by developing consumer electronics and appliances that use less energy and provide tools to enable customers to understand and manage their energy demand.
  • The residential lighting industry will undergo substantial transformation through the deployment of high-efficiency and high performance lighting technologies, supported by state and national codes and standards.
The phrase, "enable customers to understand" is perhaps the most valuable tool in this enormous undertaking. As important as the need to train the 15,000-plus workforce, is the need to educate the 130,000-plus home users.


For more info on the CPUC:

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