February 01, 2018
Spring 2018
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Cory Chovanec

"The Benefits of Zone Pressure Diagnostics"

Cory hopes readers recognize the benefits of ZPD testing. Add it to your skill set! And if you already are doing ZPD testing, continue to share your experiences.

A career highlight for Chovanec has been presenting at the National Weatherization Conferences the last several years.

Corey Chovanec

What you didn’t know about him: You might not know that Cory enjoys working out, and has been doing that consistently for the last 20 years.




Claire Miziolek

Claire Miziolek

“The Contractors Guide to the Smart Home”

Claire would like you to know that installers of smart home technologies who teach homeowners how to use them add a cool suite of services by demystifying the intimidating, "gadgety," techy stuff.

A memorable experience for Claire, who is usually behind the scenes, was doing boots-on-the-ground trainings in the field and hearing what’s really happening and how that’s changing.

What you didn’t know about her: “You may not know that Claire is actually a renter: “I make a living selling high-efficiency technologies but I really don’t get to practice them.”


John Tooley

John Tooley

"Crossing the Home Performance Chasm"

For Tooley, there are two integral sciences we need to master: Building Science and Business Science.

In 1986, while trying to understand the pressures that a heating and cooling system could produce, he poked a small hole in a Styrofoam container, connected it to the manometer hose, and placed it over an outlet. The manometer registered 20 pascals! “That’s the day our diagnostic lives changed.”

What you didn’t know about him: John and Angie, his wife of 50 years, live in a co-landowner community on a wildlife preserve in NC. His son and he own 20 acres and grow and butcher their own pigs and fowl.


David Richardson

David Richardson

“Static Pressure Testing 101”

David wants you to see that by measuring consistently, the way a doctor does blood pressure tests, there are so many hidden energy savings and comfort problems that can be found, it’s not even funny.

Memorable career moment: "The first time that I measured air flow on a system. We arrogantly assumed the best and saw the worst. It was a big lesson in humility.

What you didn’t know about him: David is a huge Kentucky Wildcats fan, loves raising chickens and locally grown food.

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