The Chimney Balloon

March/April 2009
A version of this article appears in the March/April 2009 issue of Home Energy Magazine.
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March 09, 2009
Most homeowners like to have the option of using the fireplace once in a while. I operate Grading Spaces LLC, Home Inspection and Performance Analysis, serving residences in southern Wisconsin since 2002. It’s the typical one-stop-shop, whole-house inspection service. Grading Space’s success is due in large part to an educate-the-homeowner approach that involves a detailed reporting method that I developed over time. Half of my time is spent educating homeowners. This is the most exciting part of the job to me, because I am imparting information that seems obvious and yet is enlightening. The information is presented in such a way that clients can easily prioritize their energy upgrade decisions. Most homeowners appreciate having an independent and objective source of information available to them, one that is not trying to sell them on any particular product, but rather gives them information that can help them to get the best value for their dollars. Last year I was hired by Jason Raddenbach, a manufacturer’s rep for Chimney Balloon USA, to perform a blower door test on his home, using the Chimney Balloon, in order to measure the capability of this European fireplace flue sealer. Air sealing, ...

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