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March 30, 2013

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab –, in partnership with the staff of Home Energy magazine have launched the Home Energy Saver Community, an online forum for homeowners and remodelers. 

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The new online forum is part of the Berkeley Lab's popular Home Energy Saver interactive home energy assessment tool ( According to Berkeley Lab’s Evan Mills, “the Home Energy Saver Community harnesses the popularity of social media, both to motivate homeowners to engage more in the process of remodeling their homes, and to help them be more comfortable and energy efficient.”

Home Energy Saver Community

The Home Energy Saver Community, which launched on March 19, 2013, features rich content from the forthcoming guidebook, No-Regrets Remodeling, 2nd Edition, as well as case studies, energy-expert blogs, videos, a Google calendar that provides energy-saving to-dos that users can even import into their own calendars, and more. Hard copy and electronic versions of the book will be published by Home Energy magazine later this spring. The book highlights steps where readers can use the do-it-yourself Home Energy Saver online energy assessment tool to obtain a list of energy-saving upgrades tailored to their home, climate, and local energy prices.

Consumers want to invest their time and money in upgrades or remodels that give them the most comfort and bang for their buck, while avoiding mistakes that cause regrets down the road. The Home Energy Saver Community provides No-Regrets Remodeling readers and Home Energy Saver users with practical information to support their decision-making during this potentially overwhelming process. Home Energy magazine’s Tom White notes that "no-regrets remodeling means ending up with an attractive home that meets your needs while being more energy efficient, comfortable, and durable; less costly to operate and maintain; and healthier for you and your family.” Now homeowners will be able to access expert content, a wealth of resources and share their own energy-saving ideas, all on one site.

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