DOE's Weatherization Assistance Program Update

November 20, 2019
Winter 2019
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In an ongoing effort to improve communication with the weatherization community, DOE’s Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) will convey new training resources, recently issued Weatherization Program Notices (WPNs) and WAP Memorandums, and other relevant information in this new feature . . . in case you missed it.

WPNs and WAP Memorandums

WPN 19-5: Incidental Repair Measure Guidance 4 clarifies guidance relating to incidental repair measures (IRMs) allowed under WAP, including the allowability of window, door, and roof repairs and replacements. This Guidance supersedes WPN 12-9 and its associated Frequently Asked Questions. When appropriately included, IRMs further the Program’s energy saving mission and ensure the effective use of WAP funds. A flowchart and definitions are provided in the Guidance to assist in properly categorizing IRMs separate from energy conservation measures, health and safety measures, and ancillary items.


WPN 19-6: DOE Guidance for Completing Recipients’ Annual Historic Preservation Report provides WAP Grantees with clarification concerning the content of their responses to each section of the Historic Preservation Report. WAP Grantees are required to provide information regarding their compliance to Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act in an annual Historic Preservation Report. A Prototype Programmatic Agreement (Prototype PA) was developed to provide Grantees with a streamlined method for complying with DOE’s responsibilities under this act.

In anticipation of the Fiscal Year 2020 budget, WAP is providing draft application guidance documents and guidelines to Grantees through WAP Memorandum 53: Program Year 2020 Weatherization Assistance Program Draft Grant Application Documents and Guidelines to aid in the preliminary stages of development and submission of Program Year 2020 plans.

Training Resources

See a training webinar that addresses DOE’s new IRM guidance provided in WPN 19-5 is available from

Watch a training webinar on the Weatherization Assistance Program PY2020 Draft Annual Application Changes.

Read more on training resources.

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