December 29, 2013
January/February 2014
A version of this article appears in the January/February 2014 issue of Home Energy Magazine.
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Dean Gamble

“A Case Study in Coordination: Energy Star Partners and HVAC Contractors”

While writing his article, Gamble learned something very important about the relationship between HERS raters and HVAC contractors. “A rater should be an HVAC contractor’s best friend because the rater provides a service that no contractor should live without,” he says. For Energy Star, this means that raters verify key inputs of a load calculation. “You know all those comfort complaints that contractors get blamed for, which have nothing to do with their work? The rater is their best hope of eliminating those problems.”

What you didn’t know about him:
“I recently moved into a tiny D.C. condo built in 1890 that needs some serious efficiency upgrades.”

Brian Toll

“Direct-Install Programs: Gateway to Market Transformation”

Although Toll already knew that saving water saved energy, he was surprised to find out while writing his article just how much energy savings could be realized through water conservation. And that’s conservation achieved simply by changing showerheads and faucet aerators in homes. “The truth is that reducing the flow of water, which reduces the total gallons of water and sewer used by the household, creates more than one-third of the total savings from the direct-install program,” he says.

What you didn’t know about him:
“I like yoga—it’s tough and relaxing at the same time.”

Daran Wastchak

“The Changing Role of a Rater”

When writing this month’s article, Wastchak was reminded of how daunting the rating world is for a person new to the home energy rating industry. “The simple world of collecting information about a home’s characteristics and running a blower door and duct leakage test has grown to be extremely complex,” he says. “The upside is increased opportunities for raters to apply their skills. The downside is simply trying to get your hands around all the skills that are now necessary to do the job.”

What you didn’t know about him:
“I have an identical twin brother. Most people cannot tell us apart.”

Larry Weingarten

“Don’t Be a Lipstick Flipper”

Weingarten is passionate about the opportunities that existing homes offer to the home performance and building science community, and to serious DIYers who have the financial capability to rehab existing homes to be more energy efficient. According to Weingarten, his article in this issue has two major takeaways: (1) “Anyone can turn a lemon of a distressed home into lemonade,” and (2) “these homes allow you to help yourself by helping others.”

What you didn’t know about him:
“In an earlier life, I sailed to and from Hawaii in small boats. We navigated with a sextant.”

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