The Changing Role of a Rater

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The Changing Role of a Rater

One man's history of HERS from the beginning to now.

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Raters' Role in Environmental Trading

Author: Steve Baden
January 01, 2008

Environmentalists, ordinary citizens, and some politicians are becoming increasingly alarmed by the effects of climate change, and are loudly calling for federal and state governments to adopt serious policies to combat it. It is vital ... [continue reading]


HERS Inspections of New Homes

March 20, 2007

The New Solar Home Partnership (NSHP) is a ten-year, $350 million program to subsidize PV systems in new homes. The NSHP, which is being implemented by the California Energy Commission (CEC), offers performance-based rebates for PV ... [continue reading]


Best-Kept Secret in the Mortgage Industry

January 01, 2007

Improving the energy performance of a home is an economically sound investment.  Yet despite its economic attractiveness, home performance in the United States is nowhere near optimal levels.  Why is this?  In ... [continue reading]


New Insurance Benefit for RESNET Members

July 01, 2006

        In today’s litigious society, it is vital that home energy raters and home inspectors have adequate insurance coverage. Not having proper coverage can put a business at ... [continue reading]


Tax Credits, Anyone?

May 01, 2006

        In 2005, Congress passed, and the president signed into law, the 2005 Energy Policy Act (EPAct). One provision of this act is a $2,000 per home business tax credit for builders who ... [continue reading]


RESNET Quality Assurance

July 01, 2005

        According to a former NASA engineer, in the several years prior to the Challenger space shuttle accident, quality assurance—then known as quality control—at NASA had ... [continue reading]


Energy Efficiency in Historic Homes

May 01, 2005

There are a few hurdles to overcome in retrofitting historic homes, such as staying out of the way of visitors, but the effort can lead to greater energy efficiency, greater comfort, and better protection for precious artifacts. [continue reading]


Insulation Inspections for Home Energy Ratings

Author: Bruce Harley
January 01, 2005

Assessing insulation gaps, compression, and incomplete fill provides a way to measure installation effectiveness. [continue reading]

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Is Energy Efficiency an American Value?

Jim Gunshinan

Is Energy Efficiency an American Value?

Energy efficiency is good for the economy, good for families, good for workers, and good for the environment.

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