Strategies for Motivating and Retaining Superior Employees

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Strategies for Motivating and Retaining Superior Employees

When we want to motivate people, the most common thing we do is dangle a carrot in front of them to get more of what we want, and use a stick when we want less ...

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American Prosperity is Linked to Energy Efficiency

September 03, 2009

The home performance contracting opportunity is here and now. [continue reading]


Waste Not

Author: Jon Harrod
September 01, 2009

To reduce a building's environmental impact, reduce the amount of energy it uses. But significant impacts also occur in the production and disposal of building materials. [continue reading]


Comfort: Undervalued, Misunderstood, Undersold

Author: Tony Woods
January 03, 2009

What part of the word "comfort" doesn't the home performance industry understand? Most of it, says Tony Woods of ZERODRAFT. [continue reading]


Creating Building Solutions

Author: Neil Buckley
September 07, 2008

As our process, and our software, improved, we became better organized and found it easier to get the work done while still taking the time to find more jobs. [continue reading]


The Smart Sell

Author: Steve Tratt
January 04, 2008

Using the right approach to energy efficiency upgrades can mean the difference between success and failure for a home performance contractor. [continue reading]


Reducing Greenhouse Gases - and Reaping the Benefits

Author: Steve Cowell
January 01, 2008

Conservation Services Group (CSG), the nonprofit that I manage, has been designing, developing, and delivering innovative energy efficiency and renewable energy programs for more than two decades. Starting in the late ’90s CSG began ... [continue reading]

Our Blog Has Moved

Building Performance Journal Editors

Our Blog Has Moved

Thanks for your interest in contributing a blog to the Building Performance Journal (formerly Home Energy magazine). We’re ...

Is Energy Efficiency an American Value?

Jim Gunshinan

Is Energy Efficiency an American Value?

Energy efficiency is good for the economy, good for families, good for workers, and good for the environment.

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