Greg Labbe

Greg Labbé graduated from Trent University in environmental science. In 1999, he joined a nonprofit and turned his attention to low-income weatherization. Greg was instrumental in transforming that nonprofit to a thriving seven-cube van operation, with over 20 energy advisors. He currently runs his own consulting business doing diagnostics, energy modeling, new-home testing, and teaching.

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Pimp My Blower Door Kit: Blower Door Makeover

Author: Greg Labbe
April 30, 2012

In these tough economic times, it's appropriate to invest time in repairing and maintaining things, to make manufactured goods last longer and to save money. Besides, it feels good to repair something yourself, and working ... [continue reading]


ACIN Flow Finder Mk 2

Author: Greg Labbe
October 30, 2014

By definition, energy-efficient homes need to be airtight, so the ventilation system is vital to a healthy, durable home. Yet in Ontario, where new homes are being built more airtight, one can still build a ... [continue reading]

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