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John Snellís background in building-related training and educational services began in 1977 in DOEís Weatherization Assistance Program and continued from 1979 to 1983 in the Residential Conservation Service (RCS) Program.

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Breakthroughs In Infrared Cameras

Author: John Snell
January 01, 2006

Hundreds of relatively low-cost cameras were purchased last year for moisture detection and to diagnose basic energy-related problems. [continue reading]


Public Housing Breaks the Mold

September 01, 2001

Multifamily public and low-income housing have particular problems when it comes to moisture and air pollutants. In this first of a two-part series, we look at one particular type of multifamily construction: midrise housing. [continue reading]


Public Housing Breaks the Mold Part II: Veterans Era Housing

November 01, 2001

In Part I, we discussed the particular moisture- and air quality-related problems of midrise housing, and we took a close look at two cases. Here we explore issues unique to Veterans Era Housing and present three cases where moisture problems were successfully addressed. [continue reading]


The Latest in Hot Shots

Author: John Snell
March 01, 2002

Infrared cameras are becoming affordable tools for building performance professionals. [continue reading]


Infrared Thermography: (Nearly) A Daily Tool

Author: John Snell
March 07, 2008

The potential returns of using IR thermography for retrofitting of existing homes are immense. [continue reading]


RESNET & Infared Thermography

Author: John Snell
January 08, 2010

The Residential Energy Services Network steps in to define quality infrared camera inspections and spells out the qualifications needed to conduct one. [continue reading]


Infrared Thermography

Author: John Snell
May 03, 2010

An expert explains how to get high quality and helpful thermographs when conditions are not ideal. [continue reading]


Selecting an Infrared Imaging System

Author: John Snell
July 01, 1993

Many of us in the energy conservation business are "techno-junkies." [continue reading]

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