Max Sherman

Max Sherman is a senior scientist in the Environmental Energy Technologies Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and a frequent contributor to Home Energy.

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An Easier Way to Measure Duct Leaks

September 01, 2002

Finally, a duct leakage measurement that HVAC contractors might even love. [continue reading]


What's Up with Duct Tape?

November 01, 2004

New tests for duct tape include testing the strapping that holds duct connections together and testing the longevity of duct sealants. [continue reading]


Editorial: ERVs Get The Yellow Flag

Author: Max Sherman
September 01, 2010

As we make homes tighter, we need to provide ventilation, which costs energy. One way to reduce the energy impact of that ventilation is to use an air-to-air heat recovery system. A heat recovery ventilator (... [continue reading]


The Landlord-Tenant Quandary: March/April 1994

Author: Max Sherman
March 01, 1994

As a residential energy auditor for a western New York utility, and with several hundred audits completed, it has become obvious to me where the greatest energy savings potential exists. [continue reading]


Can Duct Tape Take the Heat?

July 01, 1998

Most duct leakage could be prevented with proper duct sealing. But field examinations often find seals failing over time. [continue reading]


At the Tipping Point of Airtightness

Author: Max Sherman
September 03, 2014

Forty years ago, after the first oil shock, people began to look at residential energy efficiency and realized that it was terrible. People vaguely knew that houses were drafty and that they wasted energy, but ... [continue reading]

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