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IRS Nips at Utility Rebates

Author: Jim Hammett
November 01, 1994

Two Congressional resolutions would allow utilities to deduct the cost of energy conservation services in the year the costs are incurred. [continue reading]


Assessing Energy Costs and Economic Burden

Author: Jim Hammett
January 01, 1995

As part of the national evaluation of its Weatherization Assistance Program, the U.S. Department of Energy wanted to take a closer look at low-income households to identify differences in their energy-use from the rest of the population and determine who would benefit most from residential energy-efficiency improvements. [continue reading]


Coming Soon: "Interactive" Home Energy Management

Author: Jim Hammett
May 01, 1995

Hundreds of households across the country are participating in pilot tests of interactive energy management systems, while utilities are getting a better picture of how the systems actually work in residential buildings. [continue reading]

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