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Natural Insulation Products

September 01, 2003

Soft on the environment - and sometimes even soft to the touch - natural insulation products are filling a growing market niche. [continue reading]


The Carpet Industry Nudges Toward Green

Author: Edward Wyatt
May 01, 2003

        Carpets play a critical role in making homes more comfortable by warming up cold floors and reducing sound transfer between floors. Without carpets, unheated concrete slabs and strutting around ... [continue reading]


The Concrete Facts

Author: Edward Wyatt
May 01, 2001

Q: What is autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC)? Why have I only heard about it recently, when apparently it has been around for years? When should a builder such as myself decide to use this material? ... [continue reading]


Steel Framing: How Green?

Author: Edward Wyatt
July 01, 2001

    Steel Framing: How Green? Q: Is the use of steel framing for residential construction turning into a trend that we must now take seriously? Isn't energy efficiency very tricky when using steel? ... [continue reading]


Dampers, Reclaimers, and Pumps--Oh My!

July 01, 1997

Next to space conditioning, water heating is the largest energy user in most homes. However, opportunities for savings aren't always obvious. [continue reading]

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